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  • Upgrade your existing phone system to IP capability for under $700.
  • Eliminate the costs of calling between branches.
  • Save up to 70% on your long distance costs.
  • Replace high cost phone lines from Bell with high quality Digital lines from ClearConnect.
  • Maintain the continuity and security of your business communications with a blend of VoIP and traditional phone service.
VoIP - the most exciting communications break-through since the "open competition" decision in 1972

An Internet telephone service developed by ClearConnect that :

  • Replaces traditional telephone switching by using the Internet as the transport medium.
  • Switches your calls worldwide via its own network and in partnership with other International Carriers. 
  • The “VoIP Business Bundle” was developed to save all businesses considerable communication costs monthly and greatly improve their overall communications and customer service.
  • ClearConnect is an easy-to-use broadband telephone service designed with business customers in mind, but can also be used for residential applications.
  • ClearConnect allows anyone with broadband (high-speed) internet access to use their current phone system to make calls to the U.S. and Canada for as little as $.02 per minute or less and as well anywhere in the world.

Signing up for ClearConnect is Simple, Seamless and Guarantees Quality. Setting up and using ClearConnect is even easier.

Why be a Customer

ClearConnect offers the Lowest Cost entry for Business to the new VoIP capabilities with the ClearConnect

 “Business Bundletm 


  • Upgrades  current telecom system to VoIP Capabilites and Benefits

  • Greatly reduced  monthly Line and LD charges using ClearConnect’s network and International Terminating Service.

  • Provides  innovation today to reduce costs, and upgrade your telecom system to meet current and future Technology needs.

  • Greatly reduce communications overhead costs  -up to 60% + savings monthly of current costs

ClearConnect designs, implements and delivers Business VoIP solutions around the World!

ImageClearConnect is a World Wide communications services company, created in 2004.

We  have established a state-of-the-art solution for provisioning current telephone systems, switching and billing calls using VoIP ( Voice over the Internet). Our network is located with all the other Telephone Companies at 151 Front Street Toronto, the hub of Canadian Communications. We have additional switching equipment located in New York, Atlanta, London England, and POP (points of presence) throughout the world.

ClearConnect offers the lowest per minute rates in North America and indeed, around the world.

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